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Zohar Benor is the CEO and principal of Lean Agile Operational Excellence, a subsidiary of Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd. The company joined the Fahn Kanne Group in January 2022.

Benor has more than twenty five years’ experience in senior corporate management, implementation of business strategy, organizational efficiency and transformation. He has in-depth knowledge of companies in the fields of electronics, traditional industry, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, finances, the security industry, governmental corporations and construction.

Benor began his career in Lean Transformation in 1997, servings as the COO of the electronics firm, Staktek, a company with manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Mexico.

After six years of managing an organization numbering more than 1,000 employees and in the practical implementation of Lea Transformation, Benor returned to Israel and was one of the pioneers here in the implementation of Lean Transformation on a systematic level in service, manufacturing and financial organizations.

He was a partner in achieving significant results when using Lean Transformation as a complete holistic approach and as a cultural system that is based on strong leadership and vision in achieving specific organizational goals.

In 2006, Benor founded Lean Israel in order to maximize the knowhow and to expand the range of tools at the disposal of the typical Israeli executive. In 2008, Lean Israel joined an international network specializing in Lean Transformation and since then it has participated in a number of cooperative arrangements with partners in the fields of technology, change management, marketing and research, which are at the disposal of the client organizations when necessary.

The unique vision, understanding and methodology of Lean Israel are the fruits of Benor’s many years of experience as a leading implementer of Lean Transformation and senior management. Experience in Lean Transformation at a range of organizations in various industries provides a broad prospective in the many aspects involved in the implementation of management and cultural change at the client organizations.

Areas of expertise

Promoting organizational strategy by accompanying improvement and efficiency work processes and implementation of a culture of excellence.

Implementation of IOT technologies.

Development of intra-organizational expertise and executive development incorporated with advanced hybrid learning technology.


B.Sc in Industrial Management, cum laude, Ben Gurion University

EMBA at the Recanati School of Management, Tel Aviv University.

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