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אלעד עדיני

Elad Adini

Partner,  Quality Control and Risk Management Department and Partner in the Technical Department


Elad Adini, CPA (Isr.), specializes and has extensive experience in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and accounting principles generally accepted in Israel (Israeli GAAP), as well as having knowhow and experience in the various aspects of quality control, ethics, independence and conflicts of interest involved in the work of an accountant and auditor. Elad serves as a senior lecturer in the accounting school of the academic track at the College of Management. In addition, he regularly participates in the deliberations of the professional committee of the Israel Accounting Standards Board and is an associate member of the accounting and reporting standards committee off the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

He is also a lecturer at continuing professional education evenings sponsored by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

In the past, Elad taught for twelve years at the Koler Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University, serving as a visiting lecturer in the Accounting Department, in addition to serving as the coordinator in the field of financial accounting and the fourth-year supplementary studies.

Areas of expertise

Professional experience and expertise in IFRS, Israeli GAAP, and inter alia, in the following areas: business combinations, revenue recognition, financial instruments, leasing, employee benefits, fair value measurements.Providing professional support on the issues of accounting, auditing independence and consultation for the audit staff of the firm.Professional consulting for companies on the issues involved in the implementation of IFRS and working with CFOs and controllers, including as part of the various types of prospectuses and issuance of securities in Israel.Professional reviews of financial statements of Israeli public companies, including banking entities and credit card companies, prior to the filing of such financial statements with the various authorities, and additional entities such as government ministries and government corporations.

Continuing professional education and research involving the issues of accounting, auditing, legislation and regulation and the developments therein, in Israel and around the world.Writing and editing of professional circulars, position papers and professional articles.Writing professional opinions of the issues of accounting and auditing.Compiling training material and presentations on a variety of issues: leading and participation in the training frameworks of the firm on innovations and developments in IFRS and Israeli GAAP.


2010 – 2011: MBA, cum laude, Hebrew University

2004 – 2008: BA in Accounting and Economics (double major) and the fourth-year supplementary studies in accounting, cum laude, the Faculty of Management and the School of Economics at Tel Aviv University.

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אלעד עדיני

Elad Adini

Partner,  Quality Control and Risk Management Department and Partner in the Technical Department
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